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At Abundant Beginnings Company, LLC , we take pride in our compassion and professionalism. Whatever your story or background, we cater our Surrogacy services to your unique and specific needs. We want you to become a satisfied customer – being able to share your story about the new chapter in your life… the amazing journey of how you brought your child into this world.

Abundant Beginnings is a full service Surrogacy agency run by a staff whose knowledge and experience will facilitate each step of the process from the initial choice of a Gestational Surrogate to the ultimate reward of childbirth. We work with clients throughout the world and have representatives to personally assist you in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

As you embark upon your journey to parenthood, we hope you will allow us, with our personal experience and years of expertise…  to listen, guide and support you.

My story used to be about my unsuccessful struggles to have a baby. I would wonder when would it be my turn to kiss my baby’s cute little nose, rock him or her to sleep, or just snuggle together.

My attempts to carry a child myself were futile and came to an end. I turned to surrogacy, which proved to be the beginning – the starting point to make my dream come true.

The frustration and anguish of infertility are real. Knowing that there are options can ease the pain. Whether you are a women who has struggled with infertility for years or you are in a same sex relationship and need a surrogate, Abundant Beginnings can help.

Once you hold your baby in your arms, your infertility struggles will be a thing of the past. As co-owner of Abundant Beginnings, I am honored to share my journey with you – how I brought my children into this world via two amazing surrogates.

Let Abundant Beginnings guide you and enable you to approach the future with hope.

Today Show Feature

Abundant Beginnings co-owner Nicole Lawson shares her journey to motherhood on the Today Show. The segment features Baby Quest Foundation (Co-Founded by Nicole Lawson)


Gestational Surrogates

It is a privilege to give the gift of life – to enable a couple to have a child and achieve their dream of building a family. Being a gestational surrogate is a responsibility. It is an investment of your time that demands dedication and commitment, yet delivers everlasting emotional rewards.

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Intended Parents

Abundant Beginnings provides a surrogacy program that is discreet, highly specialized and efficient for both surrogates and intended parents. Our staff understands and appreciates the desire you have to create or extend your family.

Our unique approach and range of services offer clients options for surrogacy that can be more affordable, yet still of the highest quality.

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