Intended Parents

Thank you for your interest in Abundant Beginnings Co., a full service surrogacy agency. You are one step closer to your dream of building a family through surrogacy.



When choosing a surrogacy agency, you should look for experience. Julie Allgood and Nicole Lawson, owners of Abundant Beginnings Company, have worked in the field of surrogacy for 15+ years. Their extensive knowledge of the intricacies of surrogacy enables them to guide you smoothly through each step of the process. The compassion and care with which they handle each case creates an environment of trust in both the surrogate and the intended parent.

“Your passion and care for people really touched us. Thank you for guiding us so delicately and professionally throughout our journey. We couldn’t have done it without you”. – D and C


The element of trust is key in supporting the emotional process associated with surrogacy. Maintaining open and steady communication between the agency and the intended parents enables each party to feel more comfortable and at ease during the process.

It is important for the intended parents to identify how involved they want to be during the surrogacy process. With that in mind, it is essential that the needs of the intended parents be matched with those of the surrogate.

The staff of Abundant Beginnings Company will act as a liaison at all times from matching to birth – facilitating communication and making the journey to parenthood as smooth as possible.

“Having personally been through the surrogacy process twice with my own daughters, I understand the value an agency can bring to provide comfort in the process. At Abundant Beginnings Company, we pride ourselves on providing clients with an intimate, and personal experience.” – Nicole Lawson (Co-Owner)