Intended Parent Matteo

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Letter of presentation Matteo 

Let me try to tell you the story of my life… the very brief version.  I was born in 1976 near Milan. I am an architect, and I do love my job. I am not currently in a relationship, and I am also a gay man, so I need the help of a surrogate to help me become a dad. I am passionate about many things that comes along my way, and I would really love to become a dad.


I was brought up by a fantastic couple. Amazingly in love with each other and this is where I took inspiration from. The one that gave me the true meaning of the word family.  Mum and Dad have always given me a sense of complete belonging. Me and my sister were part of it and we loved it. From them, I also learned a great sense of responsibility towards people and situations.  I do understand which path I should take and I do my best to reach the goal.  


This I would say is one of the most valuable parts of my life.  I share my everyday life with a bunch of people that I would easily call family, yes, my second family. Sure, as they are part of my life, we do share difficulties and nice things, no matter how and where.  We can rely on each other. This is what gave me the final boost to start this amazing surrogacy journey. Thanks to their love and friendship, I am sure being a father will be easier.  


I think a surrogate could work very well with me since I am a reliable, open-minded and present person. I am ready to talk to the surrogate about any aspect of the journey we are going to share. It is indeed crucial for me: this is the most important journey of my life so it could be fundamentals that the surrogate feels comfortable and free to tell me whatever she wants concerning any expects. 


I feel thankful to surrogates, because their choice allows future intended parent like me to feel complete, fulfilled and realize parenthood.  I am ready to answer any question the surrogate could have for me and to the path led me to this project.  
I would really like to establish with the surrogate a friendship where we feel comfortable about everything. That’s the reason why I would really like to stay in touch with her during and after the pregnancy. I don’t want to feel “far” and I hope it’s the same for the surrogate:  I would really like to keep up with her and visit during the pregnancy when possible! 

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