Intended Parents “A” & “J”

Intended Parents A & J are looking for a gestational surrogate located in CA or NV to help them complete their family. They have one daughter who is 3 years old, and after an extremely difficult pregnancy, A is not able to carry a child again. They are seeking a surrogate who is stable, healthy & would like a close relationship.

Here is what A & J hope to experience with their surrogate: “We would like to think and feel that we have a new friend in our life. We would treat our surrogate like we would treat a dear friend of ours who was expecting a baby. We would be supportive, and welcome regular communication with emails, texts and chats on the phone. We would like weekly updates in the first part of the journey and then more towards the end.”

If you are interested in learning more about A & J, please APPLY NOW and be sure to select “Intended Parents Spotlight under the “How did you hear about Abundant Beginnings?” section of the application.