Intended Parents “M" & “E”

IP M&E.png

Intended parents M & E are located in the Bay Area and are looking for a gestational carrier to complete their family, which currently includes a delightful 5 year old son. After multiple rounds of IVF and other reproductive assisted fertility treatments, E has sadly experienced multiple miscarriages and is not able to maintain a healthy pregnancy. As a family, they enjoy skiing, hiking, biking and just about anything outdoors.

They are grateful to have most of their immediate family nearby, as well as a stable, loving and vibrant community of chosen family, with whom they intimately share their lives with and who are fully supportive of their journey to complete their family via surrogacy. M & E are both Bay Area natives, and both have multiple siblings, so they appreciate the benefit of a larger family with siblings, which is why they are seeking a surrogate who understands this and appreciates their interest in expanding their family. They are interested transferring a single PGS tested embryo only.

Here is what E & M hope to experience with their surrogate: “We are seeking a surrogate who is stable, healthy and would like a relationship. We understand and appreciate this unique relationship, and we are open to minimal or to more communication depending on what our surrogate is comfortable with. We wear our hearts on our sleeve, so we’d treat our surrogate like we would a family member.  We would be supportive, and welcome regular communication with emails, texts and chats on the phone. We would like weekly updates in the first part of the journey and then more towards the end. With endless gratitude, know that we are extremely grateful for your willingness go on this journey with us and to give us a renewed hope.”