Intended Parents

Thank you for your interest in Abundant Beginnings Co., a full service surrogacy agency. You are one step closer to your dream of building a family through surrogacy.



Abundant Beginnings Co. exclusive surrogates are woman who are physically healthy, emotionally stable, have had easy pregnancies and deliveries, and have the strong desire to help others create a family. Based on your criteria, and the input on your completed questionnaire, you will receive surrogate profiles. Once you have identified a surrogate of interest, we would then share your questionnaire with this surrogate to ensure she feels it is the right match for her, also. Once everyone is in agreement to proceed, Abundant Beginnings Co. will then facilitate a call for you all to meet.

Case Manager

Once you are officially matched with your surrogate, you will be assigned your own Case Manager. They will be responsible to handle the day to day coordination on your journey. Senior Management will continue to be involved throughout, as well.

Medical Evaluation of Surrogate

The surrogate is medically evaluated by a reproductive endocrinologist of your choosing. Results of the exam are complete in approximately ten days. When the surrogate is medically cleared, the process can proceed to the next phase. We work with many doctors all over the country, so please let us know if we can support you by making a referral.


Abundant Beginnings Co. will provide intended parents with a list of preferred family formation attorneys. Our experienced staff will guide you through each step involved in the drafting of the contract between the intended parents and the surrogate.

Medical Preparation Cycle

The surrogate and intended parent begin medications to coordinate their bodies in preparation for egg retrieval and embryo transfer. (If an egg donor is being used, this medical phase refers only to the surrogate.)

Embryo Transfer

Each surrogate is on medication for approximately 3 weeks to prepare her lining for the embryo transfer. The transfer takes place at the fertility clinic being used by the intended parents. Abundant Beginnings Co. coordinates all details for the surrogate’s travel and accommodations.

Once Pregnant

Your Case Manager will maintain regular contact with the intended parents and surrogate throughout the entire pregnancy. Her responsibilities include: coordinating appointments, managing the trust account, monitoring the progress of the pregnancy, scheduling check-ins with the therapist, coordinating the birth plan with all parties involved, among other things.